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10 Proven Ways to Maximise Your Recruitment Business Value

Running a business offers you many benefits, from controlling your own destiny to realising your financial ambitions.

Throughout your journey, it’s likely you’ll consider your exit plan, visualising what it looks like and when you want to exit.

A common approach* to valuing a business is to multiply the annual profits, known as EBITDA (earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortisation) by a fixed multiple in order to reach a price, often referred to as ‘enterprise value’.

In 2018,

RC Fornax

Challenge: Get funding for scaling a defence-specialised consultancy without a trading history

Solution: Sonovate funded RC Fornax based on their invoices and clients

Results: RC Fornax grows very fast and opens a second office in Bristol

Defence is an industry on the up. Conflicts around the world reminds us that the armed forces are on the front line keeping us safe, and budgets are rising to reflect this.

The upsurge in interest in defence keeps RC Fornax quite busy. It is a consultancy t

CAPU Search

Challenge: Create a business based on paying and managing contractors without any liquidity.

Result: Successful business created with revenue set to double from year one.

Nathan and Duncan started CAPU Search in March 2021. The company is a specialist in permanent and contract recruitment in the medical technology and diagnostics industries.

The two friends knew they were launching a recruitment company in the midst of a pandemic and were a little hesitant to take on contract work.

“Some in

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